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Daily Bathing for Baby Eczema

I used to bath Maia every other day because so many people told me that baths are drying for her skin. I've read it numerous times in forums and websites so I figured that this was best for her. However, there were a few people out there who said to do the opposite and that daily baths are actually better for them to help cleanse the skin and keep infections at bay. 

So I started to bath her more frequently in the past weeks and have really noticed a difference. Her skin is not so dry anymore and she doesn't have anymore oozing spots. (Please note that she is on prescription medications as well.) Even when on her meds I could never control her problem areas which are behind her knees and in her arms. I've finally been able to maintain these areas and they are for the most part smooth now!

I just wanted to share my bathing tips with any of you who want to try bathing your babies with eczema everyday.

3 Tips To Help Bath Your Baby With Eczema

1. I used to keep her bath less than five minutes long. Now I let her soak for about ten minutes.

2. I throw in about 2 tablespoons of baking soda, a few drops of virgin coconut oil mixed with tea tree oil into her bath which is lukewarm. Baking soda is for the itching which helps in preventing her from scratching too much which makes the eczema prone to infections. Coconut oil to moisturize and tea tree oil is a natural antiseptic to keep bacteria away. I use no soap because she flares up from ALL soaps we have tried.

3. After her bath I throw on her cute hooded towel ( I can't get enough of these!). I pat her down quickly and throw on her creams. I always use her medicated cream or ointment first and then her moisturizer.

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