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New Room

Ever since she came home, Maia has always slept in our room right next to me by our bed. It was nice always knowing she was only an arms length away from me while she slept or played in her pack-n-play. It was also very convenient while getting up to breastfeed during her middle of the night feedings.

Maia was never really that great of a sleeper. She always had to be bounced, carried, rocked and sung to quite a bit. I know all babies need this because of their need for closeness but it was getting to be a bit much. So much so that my back along with my husbands began to hurt, a lot. I would spend most of the day carrying her or bouncing her to sleep that it was draining me physically and mentally because she still would not nap or sleep very long before needing to be held again.

So we finally decided after I stopped breastfeeding that she needs her own room. Really though, WE needed her out of our room to save what sanity we had left. So a bout a week ago we cleaned out the spare room and prayed this is what she needed to be able to sleep well. We also decided to put into plan the cry it out method. (I know some of you are in shock that we did this but it was honestly our last resort.)

So we did our nightly ritual of feeding, changing and reading a book. I brought her into her new room, turned on her sound machine and we both kissed her and said goodnight. My husband and I ran back to our rooms ready for the crying to ensue. She cried for just a few minutes and stopped. Is she ok? What happened, why wasn't she calling out for us to pick her up? We checked on her in about half and hour and she was passed out! We couldn't believe it. All she wanted this whole time was her own room to be able to sleep happily through the night? We are beyond thrilled that she is now sleeping 13 hours or more a day! She's catching up on all the sleep she's missed!

Yes, I do miss hearing her little snores next to me, but I am more happy that she can finally sleep. Now that she sleeps well and takes her naps without getting up every 15 minutes my back feels so much better. I don't have to rush and do the housework in fear she will get up any moment. I actually have a little "me" time and boy does it feel nice after 8 months!

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