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Be true to your blog

Ok, so I've been back to the blogging world for the past two weeks. FYI, I used to run a food blog at mygarlicloveaffair.blogspot.com for about a year or so prior to getting pregnant. After giving birth and finally getting some time to myself after many many months of no sleep, I've found my way back to the blogosphere. Only now, I didn't only want to blog about just food. So, I started a brand spankin' new blog that revolves around my new family life.

As a new mom, I've been drawn to a lot of mommy blogs lately. What I notice is that a lot of these type of blogs seem to participate in these link parties. So I thought, why not? I've tried to get involved in these link parties, but honestly, I don't think it's for me. Being a part of them has made me a bit stressed and I found myself trying to think up of posts just so I would have something to post for the parties. That's not why I blog.

Hmmm... so why do I blog? Well, I blog because I want to share things I genuinely find helpful to people. Having a baby, I was constantly online during the first few months trying to find helpful tips and advice on how to do this whole mommy thing. How much tylonol can I give my baby? Should my baby be eating this much? What's the best car seat to buy? I had a lot of questions and had to make a bunch of mistakes before I realized a lot of things. While this doesn't make me an expert in mommy-hood, I feel like I have some things to share on the topic. Plus, I want to help other moms out there too! Just as they helped me in finding the perfect baby carrier or realizing that my baby is allergic to milk, those words that people take the time to write and publish have helped me get through the past year. It made me feel not so alone and inspired me to get back to blogging in hopes of being able to do the same for others.

While I am no blogging expert, I do know one thing that I've learned from this. Be true to your blog. Post things you are passionate about and people will come! I never did a link party in my past blog or really did any form of social media campaigning and still got a pretty good amount of views. I believe that good vibrations can be spread even through the internet and people can always spot a phony.

So I hope you stick around. Say hi if you like, but don't worry, I've lurked on other blogs for years and still do! Thanks for reading and I hope you continue to.

- Tina :)

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