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The Best Breastfeeding Support Pillow You Can Buy

I had a very hard time trying to get my daughter to breastfeed. It was extremely stressful trying to figure it out by myself. For anyone out there struggling as well, ask for help! 

After giving birth and leaving the hospital I was very hesitant to ask for help. I didn't want anyone to be helping me with something I thought was supposed to be so easy and natural. Of course, I learned that it's difficult for many women to breastfeed after doing some research on the internet. So let me save any of you mommies out there some time and money. Get the Breast Friend. It is by far the best pillow to aid in breastfeeding, especially if you have a squirmy lil' one like my daughter. It offers not only you the support you need on your back, but it offers baby full body support too.  Before getting the Breast Friend I had received other popular pillows. Sadly, my baby would just sink into the middle of the pillow or my back would hurt from hunching over. All those problems were solved once I got this pillow.  Also, my daughter refused to breastfeed regularly until I started using the Breast Friend.

I love that it has a little pocket for you to hold whatever you want. I stashed my TV remote, lanolin and breast pads in the pocket. They also have a variety of covers designs to choose from.

(I was not paid to promote this product or gifted this product. It is truly my honest opinion!)

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